Mine site Prices

When you are at the mine site our prices are dependent on how much you choose to take home with you. We offer a 2 gallon pail that you can fill at your leisure throughout the designated picking areas. The store offers jewelry, garden stones and polished pieces from a wide range of prices. We accept cash, debit and most major credit cards.

Quality Amethyst at great prices right at the source!

2 gallon pail- $30.00

Upon arrival come into the Rock Shop and pick up a pail. As you make your way through the picking areas fill it as full as you wish. If you only fill a portion of the pail it will be prorated.

Garden Stone - $5 - $500+

These pieces are located outside the Rock Shop and on display throughout the main area of the property. The price is dependent on quality of the pieces and can vary greatly.

All prices are subject to HST


Polished Pieces $2 - $1000+

Within the Rock Shop we polish our best finds. The price of these pieces is determined by quality and rarity. Some colour stones are much more common to find on the property than others, and the rarer the find the higher value they hold.

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