We are a family owned and operated open pit Amethyst
Mine in the heart of Northwestern Ontario.
This mine has always produced beautiful Amethyst with a
variety of colours and continues to do so today.

Mining Amethyst


Our family welcomes visitors from all over the world to have a unique experience at Diamond Willow Amethyst Mine!

Bobby Scott

Friendly owners, nice rocks, good prices! Had a blast with the kids and found some nice specimens!

Jason Flood

Amazing trip, great finds, great prices a must for rock hounds. Left with a bunch of pieces. Great roads up to the mine not too far from Thunder Bay. Very friendly owner. 5 stars

Lauren Mary

I can’t believe all the treasures I got for the price of a bucket. It was such a wonderful time with my family. My little cousins were occupied for hours and we all had a blast treasure hunting. The gift shop also has some absolutely magical pieces for very reasonable prices! Can’t wait to visit again!

Cynthia Watson-Chalat

Spend the afternoon there today with the grandkids. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Definitely a place to go.

Tony Laskowski

Had a great time at Diamond Willow Mine. The owners were very friendly and knowledgeable. Beautiful sample of amethyst for any price range.

Chelle Belle

Very nice and knowledgeable staff members, great mine and supply of Amethyst. Our new favorite mine in Ontario. We will definitely go there again

Danika Roberts

Amazing friendly staff. Great inexpensive family outing. Highly recommended!

Sheena Bourne

Honestly had the best time digging through the nice fresh piles of amethyst straight from the mine. This is the place you want to go, the owners are amazing and are always around for knowledge of their great mine. Not to mention the beautiful blue, purple and red amethyst coming from their plot. I recommend checking inside the store as well, Carol makes some beautiful jewelry with the amethyst,especially the red

Jessica Weiler

This is a great place to visit. We had lots of fun looking for the gems. Great pricing

Gary Kindel

My family and I had a great time collecting! Very friend staff and very reasonably priced. Collecting here can be enjoyed by young children as well as experienced collectors. Will visit again.